About me:

I am DJ Flubbel, a Christian (non-profit) DJ and producer from the Netherlands. Our goal is to spread the Gospel using electronic dance music (EDM), including hardstyle and hardcore.

Our core message:
♥ God loves you the way you are, He is waiting for you with open arms. And you always get a second chance! ♥

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5x Boterham 2x Visstick

[2023] Hard Techno Ft. Toblex: DL/Stream.

Merry Hardstyle Christmas

[2022] Spotify, iTunes, Amazone, Deezer.

Allerleukste Liedje (Hardstyle Remix)

[2021] Ft. Make Some Noise Kids: DL/Stream.

River Flows in You

[2019] Hardstyle EP for Charity: DL/Stream.

Holy Hardcore (2022)

100% Christian hardcore
A new Christian Hardcore album with 16 tracks, including Frenchcore, present hardcore, early hardcore, industrial gabber, UK Hardcore and nightcore.

In God We Trust (2024)

Christian Uptempo (2024)
Feat. Stryptic, here is the very first Christian uptempo music ever released. Time for some nergetic hardcore techno music with a very powerfull message.

Christian Hardstyle (2020)

Christian Hardstyle Remix Project
Togeteher with 7 artists from all over the world, an album dedicated to spread the Gospel (the message of love) using modern hardstyle music.


Contact information

DJ Flubbel
The Netherlands
Contact: DJflubbel.com


"Praise Him with the lead synth, praise Him with the keys & strings, praise Him with the sounding drums. Praise the Lord!"
- #Psalm 150:3-6 by DJ Flubbel.

CEDM Enjoy Christian electronic dance music, also known as Christian EDM, including harddance, techno, gospel dance, gospel house, Gospel Hardstyle, UK hardcore, praise, worship, hardhouse, Frenchcore, Uptempo Christelijke dance muziek; 33b29d.