About me:

I am DJ Flubbel, a Christian (non-profit) DJ and producer from the Netherlands. Our goal is to spread the Gospel using electronic dance music (EDM), including hardstyle and hardcore.

Our core message:
♥ God loves you the way you are, He is waiting for you with open arms. And you always get a second chance! ♥

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5x Boterham 2x Visstick

[2023] Hard Techno Feat. Toblex, check it: here.

Merry Hardstyle Christmas

[2022] Available @Spotify, iTunes, Amazone, Deezer.

Allerleukste Liedje (Hardstyle Remix)

[2021] Feat. Make Some Noise Kids, check it: here.

River Flows in You

[2019] Hardstyle EP for Charity, check it: here.

Holy Hardcore (2022)

100% Christian hardcore
A new Christian Hardcore album with 16 tracks, including Frenchcore, present hardcore, early hardcore, industrial gabber, UK Hardcore and nightcore.

Go Tell It On The Mountain

Frenchcore Remix [Kick Edit] (2023)
Feat. The WLF, after many requests we did a Kick Edit of our Frenchcore remix of the Christmas song "Go Tell It On The Mountain". #Jesus Christ is born!"

Remix Project (2020)

Christian Hardstyle Remix Project
Togeteher with 7 artists from all over the world, an album dedicated to spread the Gospel (the message of love) using modern hardstyle music.


Contact information

DJ Flubbel
The Netherlands
Contact: DJflubbel.com


"Praise Him with the lead synth, praise Him with the keys & strings, praise Him with the sounding drums. Praise the Lord!"
- #Psalm 150:3-6 by DJ Flubbel.

CEDM Enjoy Christian electronic dance music, also known as Christian EDM, including harddance, techno, gospel dance, gospel house, Gospel Hardstyle, UK hardcore, praise, worship, hardhouse, Frenchcore, Uptempo Christelijke dance muziek; 33b29d.