Who is DJ Flubbel?
DJ Flubbel is a Christian non-profit DJ and producer from the Netherlands. His goal is to spread the Gospel via electronic dance music (EDM) and hardstyle.

Happy to see you here! Let us know if you have any questions or need prayer. Our core message: "God loves you the way you are, He is waiting for you with open arms!"

Live Gigs

What can you expect?
Our goal is to provide an inspiring event with modern energetic electronic worship music. We would love to meet you during one of our gigs!

Our style varies from energetic dance music (CEDM) to uplifting Christian hardstyle. All of our selected tracks contain a positive Christian message.

Christian Hardstyle (Album)

Released 2015 (via Ecovata and G&D)
Together with Jake a new Christian hardstyle album with a powerfull sound that will pierce the dephts of your soul.

Christian House (Album)

Released 2013 (via Ecovata)
Together with Matthew J. Bentley: An inspiring electronic dance music album in co-operation with artists from all over the world.

Graceland Anthem (EP)

Released 2016
A new EDM track produced with Kasiyya for the Graceland Festival. Now available at iTunes, Amazone, Google Play and Spotify.


Contact information

DJ Flubbel
The Netherlands
Contact: DJflubbel.com


"Praise Him with the lead synth, praise Him with the keys & strings, praise Him with the sounding drums. Praise the Lord!"
- #Psalm 150:3-6 by DJ Flubbel.

Tags: Christian EDM, Christian electronic dance music, house, trance, dance, UK hardcore, techno, praise, gospel, hardhouse, worship, Christelijke dance en hardstyle muziek, CEDM, kind van de vader.